Our Story

Jackton Art started one rainy Sunday during lockdown. I picked up a pencil and copied a photo of Frances and I on holiday in Venice. Let’s just agree the drawing wasn’t great!

A few weeks later I drew the church where my parents married as an anniversary gift. The reaction was amazing, “You drew this? Really?!!”

The idea of Jackton Art was born. I’m not a trained artist, my career so far has been in high-tech software businesses.


We are a family business with an ambition to grow. David is the artist, Frances has an eye for a great drawing and runs much of the operational side of the business. Adam shows us what is possible with digital art and Natalie is our social media whizz.

Scotland is full of amazing places. These buildings and places trigger memories and emotions and our aim is for this to come across in the art we make.


Thanks for coming with us on this journey.


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